Guidance for Pharmacists

This section provides guidance for pharmacists on their professional conduct, which aims to assure high standards of patient care. Guidance is also provided to support pharmacists in applying particular legislation, which may not necessarily be encompassed by the PSI's primary remit or functions, but which is directly applicable to pharmacy practice.

Data Protection

This guidance outlines some general principles of data protection to assist pharmacists in meeting the requirements of Data Protection legislation in their professional practice. It has been prepared in consultation with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Use of Digital and Social Media

This guidance is intended to make pharmacists aware of their responsibilities to ensure that their online activity is consistent with their professional role.

Superintendent and Supervising Pharmacists

The Pharmacy Act 2007 established the role of the superintendent and supervising pharmacist, each with particular roles and responsibilities in pharmacy. Further information on these two roles, can be found through the links below. 

Internet Supply

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