Continuing Professional Development

The Pharmacy Act 2007 introduced mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) for pharmacists in Ireland. In order to be accepted for continued registration, all pharmacists must complete a declaration on an annual basis that they undertake to ‘maintain appropriate experience in the practice of pharmacy, keep abreast of continuing education and professional developments in the profession of pharmacy and undertake appropriate continuing professional development relevant to the practice of pharmacy'.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2015, which came into effect on 1 January 2016, give statutory effect to the PSI’s CPD model.

What is the CPD system for pharmacists in Ireland?

In 2009, the PSI commissioned a detailed review and assessment of international CPD models to inform the system of CPD for pharmacists in Ireland. 

The new CPD framework is a portfolio-based self-reflective model that allows pharmacists to employ a wide range of learning methods to meet their individual learning needs, ranging from informal “on-the-job” learning to formally accredited educational programmes. Pharmacists will be required to become competent in the process of reflection and skills such as recording in order to meet the requirements of the new CPD model which include self-identification of learning needs, personal development planning and documentation of learning outcomes.

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) has been established by the PSI to oversee the management and delivery of the new system of continuing professional development for pharmacists in Ireland and to promote excellence in patient care and professional standards. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) is currently contracted by the PSI to manage the Irish Institute of Pharmacy.

Information on pharmacy education developments, including the new CPD model and the Core Competency Framework for Pharmacists, that was presented to pharmacists as part of a series of PSI information meetings in early 2013 may be viewed here.

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