The PSI has a number of important functions related to the education and training of pharmacists in Ireland. This includes promoting and ensuring a high standard of education for pharmacists and students and ensuring that registered pharmacists undertake appropriate  continuing professional development (CPD).

This section outlines the education and training requirements to become a pharmacist in Ireland, including details of the bachelor degree programme, the internship programme and information for tutor pharmacists. The statutory rules - the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Education and Training) Rules 2008, set out in greater detail the procedures and requirements which are operated by the PSI in carrying out its various functions relating to education and training under the Pharmacy Act 2007. 

Pharmacy education and training is entering a new phase in Ireland, in line with international best practice and in consideration of the evolving roles of pharmacists to meet the increasing needs of patients. In recent years the PSI has undertaken a number of major reviews to consider these changes, including the Pharmacy Education and Accreditation Review (PEARs) project and a review of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) models and systems. In this section you will find information about the ongoing implementation of the new five year integrated programme of education and training, the mandatory CPD system and the Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP). 

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