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Advisory Visits

Between February and June 2017, PSI inspectors visited 1,826 registered pharmacies to conduct advisory visits and to answer questions in support of the introduction of the Pharmacy Assessment System, as a self-audit tool in pharmacies. All advisory visits have now been completed.

Key Statistics from the Advisory Visits

  • In 67% of pharmacies, the supervising pharmacist was present
  • 90% of pharmacies had started completing the Pharmacy Assessment System
  • 79% of pharmacies said it helped review pharmacy practice/ identify areas for improvement

There were 1,911 retail pharmacy businesses registered with the PSI as of 1 July, 2017. New pharmacies were provided with an overview of the Pharmacy Assessment System during the pre-registration process. Hospital pharmacies were not visited as part of the advisory visits.

Completion Schedule

In July 2017, pharmacies are expected to start cycle 2 of the Pharmacy Assessment System. This will facilitate a continuous cycle of ongoing compliance at your pharmacy and will help sustain the improvements that you made during cycle 1. To help you keep on track, and support you in completing the Pharmacy Assessment System, please find a suggested completion schedule below: 

 Section Start Date
 1. Management and Supervision
 July 2017
 2. Sale and Supply of Non-Prescription Medicines
 August 2017
 3. Sale and Supply of Prescription Medicines
 September 2017
 4. Documentation and Record Keeping
 October 2017
 5. Premises, Equipment and Storage
 November 2017
 6. Supply of Medicines to Patients in Residential Care Settings
 December 2017

Each month an email alert will be sent to supervising pharmacists and pharmacies with the suggested section of the Pharmacy Assessment System that you should complete.

Past Information Events

To provide information and support in the roll-out of the Pharmacy Assessment System, we held 12 information events in various locations around the country in October and November 2016 and again in March 2017. You can view the event presentation and other resources that we have available.

If you have any questions or feedback on the Pharmacy Assessment System, you can email us on

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