How to Make a Complaint

A complaint can be made by, or on behalf of, any person to the PSI about a pharmacist or pharmacy. This includes patients, members of the public, employers and other health professionals. The Registrar of the PSI may also make a complaint about a pharmacist or pharmacy.

This useful Guide to Making a Complaint includes all relevant information about the complaints process and the type of complaints that the PSI may consider. 

Your complaint about a pharmacist or pharmacy must be made in writing.
You may complete and sign the PSI's Complaint Form. Alternatively, you may prefer to write a letter to the PSI, setting out the grounds for your complaint. 

You will need to include:

  1. Your full name, address and daytime telephone number.
  2. As much information about the circumstances of your complaint as you can provide, including names, dates and places.
  3. As much information about the pharmacist(s) or pharmacy business as you can provide, such as name, place of work, etc.
  4. Supporting documentation including copies of prescriptions, relevant correspondence, etc.
  5. Name and contact details of any other person(s) who can substantiate the matters referred to in your complaint.

Your complaint together with any supporting documentation should be sent by post to:                                        
Complaints Officer                                                                    
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
15-19 Fenian Street
Dublin 2           

by email to:   

We suggest you consider the type of complaints that the PSI can and cannot consider in the Guide to Making a Complaint.

What happens after a complaint is made? Read more about the PSI complaints process

Time-frame for the Complaints Process

We understand that involvement in a complaint process can be stressful, so we will try to consider complaints as quickly as we can. However, some complaints are complex and it may take some time to gather all of the information that is needed to reach a fair decision. The PSI will keep you informed at every decision-making stage that affects your complaint.

Additional Information

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