Patient Safety

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) protects the health and safetyThe PSI is committed to the safety of the public of the public by regulating pharmacists and pharmacies in Ireland. Our main concern is ensuring patient safety.

We are also committed to providing information to the public about pharmacy in Ireland, so that people can understand the role pharmacists play in looking after people’s health and providing healthcare advice. We have published some useful answers to questions that we receive from people using pharmacy services. We have also published a Patient Charter so that you can understand what you can expect from your community pharmacist.

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Working with others for Patient Safety

The PSI works with many health, regulatory and advocacy organisations, and supports patient and public initiatives.

The PSI is a partner organisation to the Patient Safety First initiative of the Department of Health and supports its work in relation to patient safety and quality. We are committed to implementing recommendations to improve patient safety and quality standards, and the patient experience.

The PSI is a member of the Medication Safety Forum, a project established by the Department of Health to implement the recommendations of the Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance.

We also support the work of the Irish Medication Safety Network, a voluntary, independent group of hospital pharmacy based specialists, who aim to improve patient safety with regard to the use of medicines by promoting information sharing on medication safety and by facilitating national and global initiatives to help minimize risks to patients.

The PSI is a member of the European Road Safety Charter and in collaboration with the Road Safety Authority developed a public information leaflet about Medicines and Driving.

We have agreed Memoranda of Understanding with other organisations so that we can work together in relation to matters of mutual concern. 

The PSI along with other health and social care regulators participate in a forum to share knowledge and expertise on matters of common interest, with a view to enhancing the overall practice of health and personal social services regulation in Ireland for the benefit of public health. Read the Framework for Public and Service User Involvement in Health and Social Care Regulation in Ireland. You can view the members of the Health Regulatory Forum on our useful contacts page.

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