Climate Action and Sustainability

We have developed our Annual Climate Action Roadmap that demonstrates ongoing commitment to sustainability and emissions reduction, as well as ensuring that we, as a public sector body, lead by example on climate action activities.

Climate Action Roadmap 

The Irish Government’s Climate Action Mandate sets out objectives for public bodies, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 51% in 2030 and improvement in energy efficiency to 50% by 2030. 
In developing this plan, the PSI has established its baseline to measure progress towards the Mandate’s targets, drawing from our reporting data, an audit of existing processes, and an organisation-wide staff engagement workshop. This baseline along with the PSI’s progress towards our climate action objectives to date, has been used to calculate our ‘gaps to target’ and identify opportunities for further action. 

Green Public Procurement 

The PSI implements green public procurement criteria in all new procurement activities. Read our Procurement Policy for further information. 

Accessing PSI House – Sustainable Transport 

PSI encourages all staff and visitors travelling to PSI House for an appointment to consider sustainable modes of transportation. See more information on Contact Us

Nearby methods of public transportation include: