Financial Reporting and Procurement

PSI publishes information relating to payments and procurement activities in line with Freedom of Information requirements and public interest. 

Financial Reporting

Freedom of Information 

The PSI publishes annual financial statements in our Annual Reports, which are accessible on the Corporate Reports page. This report also outlines plans for major capital expenditure and remuneration of our Governance board. 

Payments or Invoices for Goods and Services  

We publish details of all payments or invoices for goods and services valued at €20,000 or above (excluding VAT), each quarter in arrears.  

Prompt Payments

The PSI adheres to the Prompt Payment Code of Conduct and publishes prompt payment returns data quarterly.


We are governed by public procurement guidelines in our purchase of supplies and services, including how we award contracts for work and so that we secure the best value for money. The PSI’s Procurement Policy outlines our purchasing procedures and incorporates the principles of equal treatment, transparency, proportionality and mutual recognition. 

Irish Government Contract Regulations apply to all the above principles and require that competitive tendering should be used. European Procurement Directives apply for contracts above the EU thresholds. 

Contracts Awarded 

We comply with public sector contract and tax clearance requirements as set out by the Department of Finance. View details of recent contract awards

Current Tender Competitions 

Details of all current tender competitions valued over €25,000 are available on the Office of Government Procurement website. For information on current tender competitions, please email