Our Customer Charter

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) aims to provide a timely, professional and high quality service, and is committed to continuous improvement.

We are committed to providing a timely, professional and quality customer service and to ensuring continuous improvement in the way we meet our responsibilities. Our commitment at the PSI is to: 

  1. deliver our services to all customers, internal and external in a timely, effective and professional manner, in accordance with our values and with the twelve principles of quality customer service. 
  2. conduct our business in a fair, open and transparent manner, with due regard to your privacy and confidentiality. 
  3. strive for excellence in the development and delivery of programmes and services through active consultation and continuous improvement. 
  4. provide maximum possible access in the delivery of our services. 
  5. endeavour to resolve all complaints made about the PSI in an efficient and effective manner. 
  6. ensure our staff always meet these customer service standards. 

Our Customer Charter provides information about the level of service you can expect from us. It includes our commitment to providing a timely response to all communication with us and to providing useful and updated information on our website. If you feel we do not meet those commitments, the Customer Charter provides details about how you can raise a complaint about our quality of customer service. 

 To learn from your experience of the services we provide, we are happy to receive your feedback in writing to: 

Customer Services Officer 
PSI – The Pharmacy Regulator 
PSI House, 
15-19 Fenian St, Dublin 2 

Disability Access Officer

We have Access Officers appointed in accordance with the Disability Act to provide or arrange for and coordinate assistance and guidance to people with disabilities in accessing the services we provide. If you need the help of our Access Officers to use the PSI’s information and services, please phone (01) 218 4000 or email accessofficer@psi.ie