Protected Disclosures

Protected Disclosures also known as Whistleblowing -  occurs when a worker raises a concern or discloses information which relates to wrongdoing, illegal practices or unethical conduct which has come to his/her attention through work.

The Protected Disclosures Act 2014 as amended, enables workers to raise a concern regarding potential wrongdoing in their workplace by ensuring safeguards exist should reprisals be taken against them for doing so, by their employer.  

The PSI has procedures in place to manage protected disclosures made through both internal and external reporting channels. 

External Reporting Channel (Members of the Pharmacy Profession and Pharmacies) 

We have developed a Protected Disclosures Policy (External Channel) for dealing with protected disclosures received by the Registrar of the PSI, as a Prescribed Person under the relevant legislation. This means that the Registrar is prescribed as a recipient for all matters relating to the regulation of the profession of pharmacy and pharmacies in the State, including the PSI’s responsibility for supervision of compliance with the Pharmacy Act 2007. 

A disclosure made to the Registrar, as a prescribed person, is a protected disclosure if the following conditions are met: 

  • You reasonably believe that the relevant wrongdoing is within the remit of the Registrar as they have regulatory functions within the area, which are the subject of the allegations. 
  • The information you disclose and any allegation in it came to your attention in connection with your employment and the allegations are substantially true. 

If you wish to make a protected disclosure to the Registrar regarding a member of the pharmacy profession or a pharmacy, the protected disclosure should if possible, be made in writing, but it may also be made verbally by contacting the PSI’s External Protected Disclosure Officer:  

Protected Disclosure Officer (External Channel) 

John Bryan

Phone: 01-2184068 

Internal Reporting Channel 

If the PSI is your employer and you fall under the definition of a worker whereby you are a current or former employee, a volunteer, an independent contractor, a trainee or a job candidate, then you can make a protected disclosure about the PSI via the internal reporting channel. Our Protected Disclosure Policy (Internal Channel) provides further information on how to make a protected disclosure. 

In the first instance the person making the protected disclosure should contact the PSI’s Internal Protected Disclosure Officer: 

Protected Disclosure Officer (Internal Channel) 

Aoife Mellett

Phone: 01-218 4007 

Protected Disclosures Reports 

Each year the PSI reports on the protected disclosures it received in the previous year, both from its own workers and from anyone else outside the organisation.  

Download Protected Disclosure Annual Report 2023