The PSI Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The PSI is committed to promoting the values of equality, diversity and inclusivity in all areas of our work, as a regulator, public service body, and employer. 

We believe that for the PSI to flourish as an organisation, it must acknowledge and embrace differences, both amongst its staff, and its stakeholders. Our organisational values underpin our commitment to a person-centred approach to our work, including a commitment to equality and human rights in how we fulfil our public service role. We believe all staff, and stakeholders can, and should, rely on the PSI to treat them in a respectful, dignified manner, free from discrimination. 

We recognise that not everyone has the same opportunities or face the same level of discrimination. Given the nine protected grounds under equality legislation, the PSI recognises that injustices present in various forms, perhaps without even realising they exist. 

We are committed to promoting the values of equality, embracing diversity and inclusivity in all areas of our work; as a regulator, a public service body, and an employer. This statement sets out the ways in which we seek to treat all our stakeholders, whether registrants, staff, or members of the public, with dignity and respect. 

Our aim is to recognise and acknowledge the differences in all our circumstances, and to view these not as barriers to our work, but seek to actively embrace them, and foster a culture of dialogue, which will inform our work. We believe that everyone has a unique story to tell, and a set of skills and strengths to contribute to a better society. 

We believe that the values of equality, diversity and inclusion are inherent in our duties, which are set out under Section 42 of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014. These values are crucial in addressing prejudices, and we believe they are critical to our function as a public health regulatory body. 

The PSI has established an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group, which consists of staff drawn from every level of the organisation. Its purpose is to progress activities that support, through actions, the values outlined in this statement. The scope of our work will include: 

  • Promoting an awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation; 
  • Building a culture in which each employee feels recognised, valued, and safe; 
  • Identifying ways to generate positive debate about equality, diversity and inclusion; 
  • Collaborating with external bodies and organisations on equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives; 
  • Ensuring effective monitoring of EDI projects and goals within the PSI