Public consultation on the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland’s (PSI) draft Corporate Strategy 2025-2028

This public consultation will be open from Wednesday, 3 July 2024 to Wednesday, 24 July 2024. 


Our current strategy concludes at the end of 2024. Earlier this year, we commenced the process of developing our next strategy, which will outline our goals and objectives as the pharmacy regulator for the years ahead. As a public body, the PSI is required to prepare and submit a strategy statement to the Minister for Health, set out appropriate objectives and goals, identify relevant indicators against which performance can be clearly measured and provide an opportunity to all those who are interested in or affected by our work to have a say in our future direction.

This draft strategy has been developed in consultation with the PSI Council, incorporating insights from the PSI leadership team and staff and engaging with diverse stakeholders from pharmacy, healthcare, education, and regulation. Throughout this process, we have carefully considered our external and internal environments, our legislative purpose, and our organisational mission, vision and values.

We anticipate that the 2025-2028 period will see significant change across pharmacy in Ireland, marked in particular by the expected recommendations by the Department of Health’s Expert Taskforce to Support the Expansion of the Role of Pharmacy in Ireland, the outcomes of our own Workforce Intelligence Report and advancements in national and European digital and e-health initiatives, including e-prescribing.

The draft strategy (the final version of which will be considered for approval by the PSI Council in December 2024) builds on our achievements under the current strategy (2021-2024) and focuses on three key objectives aligned to our central strategic goal “to assure public trust in pharmacy through effective regulation”. We are committed to furthering what we do and how we work to ensure that by the end of 2028, we achieve safer pharmacy practice through effective regulation. Our vision and mission will be realised through the three proposed strategic objectives outlined in the draft Strategy, which state that we will:

  1. Regulate Pharmacists and Pharmacies to Deliver Essential and Expanded Pharmacy Services in the Healthcare System
  2. Modernise our Regulatory Approach to Drive Safe Patient Outcomes in the Delivery of Pharmacy Care
  3. Enhance and Align Our Organisation and People to Successfully Achieve Our Strategic Priorities and Core Responsibilities

To participate in this public consultation, please consider the draft Corporate Strategy 2025-2028 and choose one of the following ways to submit your feedback:

Responses are welcomed until Wednesday, 24 July 2024.