Quality Development (EFQM)

The PSI recognises the importance of quality in our work, both in terms of how we carry out our functions as the pharmacy regulator as well as how we formulate our strategies and how we interact with our stakeholders.

We believe that the public has the right to expect and to receive a high standard of care from pharmacists and to know that pharmacies are operated to high standards. We believe that the public should always be able to trust pharmacists and pharmacies to deliver this standard of care and service. In seeking to provide continued assurance in an evolving healthcare, regulatory and public sphere, the PSI is also committed to ongoing development and improvement.  

PSI Recognised for Excellence – 4 stars

To support us in our continuous improvement, the PSI decided to use the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Model as the framework for quality improvement.  The EFQM Model is a globally recognised practical framework for organisational change and performance improvement.  It guides us in creating a culture of excellence, fostering innovation and striving to achieve outstanding results.

In 2019, the PSI made an application for recognition of excellence to EFQM following an assessment of our organisation against the EFQM criteria set out in the EFQM Model. This assessment allowed us to take a step back and critically look at how we function as an organisation. It gave us the opportunity to identify our strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. It also opened up the opportunity to meet with and learn from other organisations who have achieved EFQM Excellence.  

The PSI was recognised for excellence in July 2019, receiving 4-star recognition. Since receiving recognition for excellence, we have continued to embed EFQM into our ways of working.

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Innovation in the PSI

The PSI is committed to promoting and developing a culture of innovation in all that we do.  We are signed up to the Declaration on Public Service Innovation in Ireland, which was aligned with ‘Our Public Service 2020’ – the framework for development and innovation in the public service. Through our core value of embracing change, we are focused on innovating and adapting to achieve results and continuously improve. We continue to identify and promote opportunities for developing new and improved ways of working and delivering better services for the public. 

European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Model