Our Work

The PSI is a public body established in law to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public by regulating pharmacists and pharmacies in Ireland. 

Our Business Areas

The PSI has five business areas that are made up of teams that reflect our main functions. Each business area is headed by a member of our Executive Leadership Team, which is led by the Registrar and Chief Officer. You can view our organisation chart for more information.

Office of the Registrar 

Registrar and Chief Officer: Joanne Kissane

The PSI Registrar and Chief Officer is appointed under the Pharmacy Act 2007 and is responsible for leading the day-to-day work and operation of the PSI and in seeing that the Council’s strategy and decisions are implemented efficiently and effectively.

Community Pharmacy Assurance

Head of Community Pharmacy Assurance: Vacant

The Community Pharmacy Assurance Business Area has responsibility for assuring the safety and quality of community pharmacy services, including retail pharmacy services provided in hospital pharmacy departments. This business area has responsibility for the management of PSI registration processes and for our registrant and customer relations functions. This area is also responsible for undertaking investigations into pharmacies and pharmacists when necessary. The business area includes the following teams:

  • Registrant and Customer Relations
  • Community Pharmacy Quality and Safety
  • Investigations

Practitioner Assurance

Head of Practitioner Assurance: Damhnait Gaughan

The Practitioner Assurance Business Area oversees the system of assurance of the quality and standard of the education and training provided to students of pharmacy in Ireland and of the system for overseeing the continuing professional development (CPD) of pharmacists. This business area is also responsible for the statutory systems of fitness to practise and other processes to assure the public that pharmacists are safe to practise their profession. The PSI’s internal legal affairs function is also provided within this business area. The business area comprises the following teams:

  • Professional Standards
  • Fitness to Practise and Legal Affairs

Strategic Policy and Communication

Head of Strategic Policy, Research and Communication: Dan Burns

The Strategic Policy and Communication Business Area is responsible for external communication, engagement, and public affairs. This business area is also responsible for the development of PSI’s policy position in relation to strategic policy issues, including regulatory and national healthcare strategy. This business area includes the following teams:

  • Communication and Engagement
  • Strategic Policy and Research

Corporate Services

Head of Corporate Services: Dr Cheryl Stokes

The Corporate Services Business Area develops, implements and delivers all corporate services for the PSI. This business area aims to ensure the financial integrity, digital security, appropriate resourcing and sustainability of the PSI. The Corporate Services Business Area enables the organisation to continue to deliver its statutory functions and strategic objectives into the future. The business area comprises the following teams:

  • Finance, Procurement and Support Services
  • ICT and Corporate Reporting
  • HR, People and Organisation Development

Governance and Programme Delivery

Head of Governance and Programme Delivery: Aoife Mellett

The Governance and Programme Delivery Business Area ensures a high standard of corporate governance is in place, and maintained, across the PSI. This business area is also responsible for ensuring that there are effective systems in place to deliver PSI’s annual work programmes and to ensure continuous improvement and innovation initiatives are actively being pursued across all of PSI’s work. The business area comprises the following teams:

  • Corporate Governance and Risk Management
  • Programme Delivery, Continuous Improvement and Innovation