Life at the PSI

How we work 

At the PSI, our values underpin how we work with each other and for others as we pursue the PSI’s commitment to assuring trust in pharmacy through effective regulation. The HR Strategy 2021-2024 – Shaping our Future towards Better Ways of Working is based on three strands: 

  • People – Shaping Talent 
  • Learning and Development – Shaping Competencies and Skills 
  • Future of Work – Shaping the Workplace 

Flexible Working 

The PSI offers a blended working approach. This provides flexibility to work a combination of remote and days in the office. We aim to create space for our employees to come together in person to collaborate, build connections and live out our shared values. 

Quality at our Core 

Quality is at the core of our work, in terms of how we carry out our functions, how we formulate our strategies and how we interact with our stakeholders. In seeking to provide continued assurance in an evolving healthcare, regulatory and public sphere, the PSI is committed to ongoing development and improvement. As part of this, we were recognised for Excellence- 4 Stars under the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model. Further information on quality development in the PSI and our ongoing EFQM journey is available on this website. 

Learning and Development 

From induction to continued education, we encourage learning every day. Through access to our online learning portal, a performance development framework and an opportunity for education assistance, the PSI strives to support all employee's development. 

Employee Feedback fostering Continuous Improvement 

At the PSI, we value open communication and continuous improvement. Our commitment to employee development extends beyond formal training programs. We actively seek feedback from our staff to enhance their experience and contribute to their growth. We gather feedback through multiple channels including; 

  • Regular 1:1’s: Managers engage in regular one-on-one conversations with team members. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss performance, goals, and any challenges. We encourage employees to share their thoughts, concerns and suggestions during these sessions. 
  • Anonymous Surveys: We conduct periodic anonymous surveys to gather insights from employees. These surveys cover topics such as work environment, employee engagement, leadership, and career development. The feedback received informs our decisions, future strategies and helps us create a positive workplace culture. 

Wellbeing Framework 

At the PSI, we recognise the wellbeing of our employees is the cornerstone of a successful workplace. We offer a structured approach to wellbeing under four holistic pillars; Physical Wellbeing, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Work-life balance and Social Wellbeing. 

Working together for the better 

At the PSI, opportunity is provided from employees to join working groups focused on different areas. The PSI is conscious of its health and safety responsibilities and its environmental impact and we have staff working group to promote the health, safety and sustainability agenda. We also have a staff-led Workplace Wellbeing Group, a forum for staff contributions to HR policies and initiatives and an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.   

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