In the matter of Part 6 of the Pharmacy act 2007



Following the submission of a report of the Professional Conduct Committee (the “Committee”), the Council, at its meeting on 23 July 2020 decided to censure A.B and to attach conditions to A.B.’s registration as a pharmacist.

The conditions, as set out below, have expired. However, in accordance with the PSI’s Publication & Disclosure Policy 2022, public notice of the conditions, once expired, will remain on the PSI website for a further 2 years from the date of the expiry the conditions.

Conditions formerly attached to A. B.’s registration as a pharmacist are as follows:

(i) A.B. will promptly and/or by a specified date, engage a suitably qualified experienced pharmacist, to be nominated by the Registrar of the PSI, who will carry out three audits at six monthly intervals over an 18-month period, in order to confirm adherence to the SOPs of the pharmacy in which A.B. works at that time, in relation to the dispensing of Schedule 2 controlled drugs and medications unlicensed for supply in Ireland;

(ii) A.B. shall discharge all costs associated with the implementation of these conditions.

Date of Notice: 31 August 2023