In the matter of Part 6 of the Pharmacy Act 2007

Mr Daragh Quinn MPSI (Reg. No. 5335)

Following the submission of a report of the Professional Conduct Committee (the “Committee”), the Council, at its meeting on 24 June 2021, decided to censure Mr Daragh Quinn MPSI and attach conditions to his registration as a pharmacist. The High Court confirmed that decision on 11 October 2021. The conditions have now expired. However, in accordance with the PSI’s Publication & Disclosure Policy 2022, public notice of the conditions, once expired, will remain on the PSI website for a further 2 years from the date of the expiry the conditions.

The conditions formerly attached to Mr Quinn’s registration as a pharmacist are as follows:

(i) Mr Quinn shall engage a suitably qualified senior and experienced pharmacist, to be agreed in advance with the Registrar of the PSI, to carry out two audits of his practice. The audits to be conducted over a two-year period to be determined by the PSI.

(ii) Mr Quinn shall authorise the said auditor to report the annual audited results to the PSI and do everything necessary to facilitate the furnishing of the said report following each audit upon a date specified by the PSI.

(iii) Mr Quinn shall discharge all costs associated with the implementation of these conditions.

View the Report of the Professional Conduct Committee.

Council Decision: 24 June 2021, High Court Confirmation: 11 October 2021