Disciplinary Committees

The PSI operates three Disciplinary Committees - the Preliminary Proceedings Committee, the Health Committee, and the Professional Conduct Committee.

These Committees consider complaints made under the Pharmacy Act 2007 against pharmacists and pharmacies and are completely independent to the staff at PSI. They comprise members of the public, and pharmacists and pharmacy owners, and have a lay majority

The Preliminary Proceedings Committee

All complaints received by the PSI are considered by the complaints screening committee, called the Preliminary Proceedings Committee (PPC). The role of the PPC is to advise the Council of the PSI as to whether the circumstances of the complaint warrant further action, i.e. referral to a Commitee of Inquiry for full hearing, or for resolution by Mediation.

The Health Committee

The Health Committee usually deals with complaints about impairment of a pharmacist’s ability to practise due to a physical or mental ailment, emotional disturbance or an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The Health Committee will have a legal assessor to advise the Committee about law and procedure but will not take part in decisions. The Health Committee also has a registered medical doctor with relevant expertise to advise the Committee on any medical issue. The doctor will not take part in decisions.

The Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee usually deals with complaints about professional misconduct or poor professional performance. The Professional Conduct Committee will have a legal assessor to advise the Committee about law and procedure. The legal assessor will not take part in decisions.

Members of each of the Committees of Inquiry are listed below


  • Mr Derek Fehily
  • Mr John Hillery
  • Mr Mark McPhillips
  • Ms Fiona Rowland
  • Ms Aine Shine
  • Mr Achal Gupta


  • Mr Hugo Bonar (Acting Chair)
  • Ms Molly Buckley
  • Mr Richard Hammond SC (Acting Chair)
  • Dr John Lombard
  • Ms Cindy J Mackie
  • Mr John Murray
  • Ms Karen Ruddy BL


  • Ms Anne Harty
  • Mr Martin Hynes
  • Ms Emily Kelly
  • Mr Michael Lyons
  • Ms Sinead Ryan
  • Mr Ronan Sheridan


  • Ms Katharine Bulbulia (Acting Chair)
  • Mr Michael Conor Heaney (Acting Chair)
  • Ms Claire Millrine
  • Mr John O’Malley (Chair)
  • Ms Jillian van Turnhout
  • Ms Dervla Tierney
  • Mr Colin Wrafter
  • Terry Shipperley
  • John Horan


  • Ms Deirdre Butler
  • Dr Conor McCrystal
  • Mr Colm Devine
  • Ms Margaret Doherty
  • Dr Sabine Eggers
  • Mr John Given
  • Ms Rebecca Kilfeather
  • Ms Mary Leech
  • Mr Frank Moriarty
  • Mr David McNally
  • Mr Aidan Murphy
  • Ms Barbara O’Connell
  • Mr Sean Reilly
  • Mr Eugene Renehan


  • Ms Susan Ahern (Acting Chair)
  • Mr William Paul Ard
  • Ms Valerie Beatty
  • Ms Jan Bilton
  • Ms Teresa Blake SC
  • Ms Valerie Bowens
  • Mr Steven Dixon
  • Mr Tom Finn
  • Dr Timmy Frawley
  • Ms Lorraine Gannon
  • Mr Dermot Jewell (Chair)
  • Mr Mark Kane (Acting Chair)
  • Prof Deepa Mann-Kler
  • Mr John Naughton
  • Ms Celine Newman
  • Mr David O'Brien