To reprimand firmly. 



The charge or charges faced by the pharmacist or pharmacy owner because of the complaint. 



To criticise strongly. 



The PSI Council can impose a sanction where conditions are attached to a pharmacist’s registration, including restrictions on how they can practise as a pharmacist.   



What a witness says at the inquiry and the documents, including photographs and videos, that are brought before an inquiry. 


Expert Pharmacist/Witness 

An independent pharmacist or other person who may be called by either side of a complaint at an inquiry. 


Health Committee 

The Committee of Inquiry which deals with complaints about the impairment of a pharmacist’s ability to practise because of a physical or mental ailment, emotional disturbance or addiction to alcohol or drugs. 


Indictable offence  

An indictable offence is a non-minor offence that may be tried by a jury in court. 



A hearing similar to a hearing before a court or tribunal.  


Legal Assessor  

A barrister or solicitor who advises the Committees of Inquiry on legal issues.  


Pharmacy Owner  

A pharmacy owner refers to the person who is carrying on a retail pharmacy business (pharmacy). The owner is entitled to the profits of the pharmacy and they are liable for any losses sustained by the pharmacy. Under the Pharmacy Act 2007, a pharmacy owner has responsibilities. The ownership of a pharmacy can be held by a:  

Sole trader who is a registered pharmacist; 

Partnership which is made up of two registered pharmacists;  

Corporate Body; or 

Representative of (a), (b), or (c) in certain exceptional circumstances which are described in the Pharmacy Act 2007.  


Poor professional performance  

Any failure to meet the standards of competence that would be reasonably expected of a registered pharmacist. Any such failure must be serious.  


Preliminary Proceedings Committee  

The committee that considers or screens all complaints received by the PSI and advises the Council on the action to take.  


Professional Conduct Committee  

The Committee of Inquiry which deals with complaints about professional misconduct or poor professional performance.  


Professional misconduct  

Behaviour that goes against the Code of Conduct for registered pharmacists or that involves fraud, dishonesty or other unacceptable behaviour. Professional misconduct is defined in full in the Pharmacy Act 2007.  



The Registrar is also the Chief Officer of PSI - The Pharmacy Regulator 



The type of penalty that may be imposed on a pharmacist or pharmacy. 



A person who records everything in shorthand type during an inquiry.