Applying for an Exemption from Participation in ePortfolio Review

Learn how pharmacists can apply for an exemption from ePortfolio review, review the extenuating circumstances policy, and submit necessary documentation confidentially.

Pharmacists who have been selected for ePortfolio review and feel that they have reason to be exempt should review the extenuating circumstances policy. If, having reviewed the policy you wish to submit an application, you can do so by filling out this online form. You will also need to email copies of supporting documentation to, details of which are outlined in the policy. Applications will be managed on a case-by-case basis in strictest confidence.

Further details about the process, including the dates by which applications for an exemption must be submitted, are included in the email sent by the PSI notifying you of your selection. You will also find more useful information on the ePortfolio Review process in our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.