Influenza Training Programme: Changes for 2019/2020 Vaccination Season

On 20 June 2019, the PSI Council approved a change to the current training specification for the influenza vaccination training programme, for the 2019/2020 vaccination season, to include training on the administration of the parenteral vaccination to children from 10 years of age. The content of this programme was previously limited to adults only. The new training programme will be available in September. Further information is available from the Irish Institute of Pharamcy (IIOP).

Pharmacists who have in-date certificates in the following training programmes may elect to provide this vaccination service to children who are 10 years or older, at the pharmacy.

  • CPR (Adults and Children)
  • Responding to an emergency and management of anaphylaxis (RESMA)
  • Medicines administration (parenteral) (PAMT)
  • Delivery of a vaccination service
  • Seasonal influenza vaccine

Pharmacists are asked to reflect, self-assess and to evaluate whether they need to refresh their training in the PAMT and delivery of a vaccination service programmes, where they have continuous vaccination experience, in order to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely deliver the associated medicines or vaccination services.

Changes for 2020/2021 Vaccination Season

Additionally, the PSI Council approved a new training specification for the administration of influenza vaccination training programme, to commence in advance of the following vaccination season in 2020/2021. This includes training on the administration of the parenteral vaccination to children from 6 months of age.

The PSI will issue updated guidance to pharmacists in relation to the delivery of influenza vaccination services to children from 6 months of age, in advance of the 2020/2021 vaccination season.

As a result of these changes, pharmacists will be able to offer influenza vaccination services to a wider cohort of patients, including at-risk groups, improving public accessibility to influenza vaccination services.