Frequently Asked Questions

Seasonal Influenza vaccination

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  • What training do I need to complete if I am new to participating in the Influenza vaccination programme for the 2023/2024 season?

  • What must I do in the event of a fridge failure?

  • Can a nurse administer vaccinations on behalf of a pharmacist in a retail pharmacy business premises?

  • How do I register my pharmacy with the National Cold Chain Service to order vaccines?

  • Am I allowed to advertise vaccination services in my pharmacy?

  • Can I deliver a vaccination service on my pharmacy premises, outside the trading hours of the pharmacy that I have notified to the PSI?

  • How do I go about adding a second patient consultation area to the floor plans of my pharmacy in anticipation of increased vaccination service delivery this year?

  • Can I deliver influenza vaccination services at locations offsite from the registered pharmacy premises?

  • Can a pharmacy student supply and administer vaccinations to patients on behalf of a pharmacist in a retail pharmacy business?