Background of the Future Pharmacy Practice Project

The Future Pharmacy Practice Project was commenced in the summer of 2015 to examine how pharmacy can most valuably contribute to the health and wellbeing of patients in an evolving healthcare sector.

This research, and the provision of the final report, builds on the previously commissioned reports, in particular the Pharmacy Ireland 2020 report and the baseline studies. The focus of the project was to address the envisaged role that pharmacists should be playing in the context of national health strategy, pharmacists' education, expertise and existing innovations in pharmacy practice internationally and nationally.

Steering Group and Subgroups

The Future Pharmacy Practice project was supported by the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive, as well as contributors from all areas of pharmacy, other health providers and patient advocacy groups. The project was carried out under the stewardship of the Future Pharmacy Practice Project Steering Group which is chaired by Dr Norman Morrow, former Chief Pharmaceutical Officer at the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in Northern Ireland. The Steering Group was supported by two practice subgroups. 

Membership of the Steering Group and Subgroups

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