Superintendent Pharmacists

The superintendent pharmacist is in overall control of the management of a pharmacy, including its professional and clinical management and management of the administration of the sale and supply of medicines. 

A superintendent pharmacist can act in respect of more than one pharmacy, ie all pharmacies within a company/chain and must have a minimum of 3 years’ post-registration experience.

Resources for Superintendent Pharmacists

In order to promote an understanding of the legal requirement and the responsibilities of superintendent pharmacists, the PSI has developed a number of resources:

These films are intended to be helpful to superintendents and to inform other pharmacists, pharmacy owners and staff of this pivotal role.

The Legal Requirement for a Superintendent Pharmacist Section 1
The Legal and Professional Responsibilities of a Superintendent Pharmacist            Section 2
Accountability and Error Management Section 3 
Succession Planning and Conclusion Section 4