Guidelines for Retail Pharmacy Businesses

All retail pharmacy businesses (pharmacies) must be conducted in compliance with the Pharmacy Act 2007 and the Regulation of Retail Pharmacy Businesses Regulations 2008 (amended).

The Regulation of Retail Pharmacy Businesses Regulations 2008 (amended) sets out certain requirements to be complied with by persons carrying on a pharmacy on the sourcing, storage, sale, supply and keeping of records, in respect of medicinal products. Requirements relating to staff, premises, equipment and procedures are also stipulated. In addition, the Regulations specify responsibilities that must be discharged by the pharmacy owner, superintendent pharmacist and supervising pharmacist.

The PSI has produced the following guidelines to facilitate compliance with the requirements of the Regulations.

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The PSI has also produced the following information and resources for pharmacy owners, superintendent pharmacists and supervising pharmacists.

Other Useful Information and Resources

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