Vaccination Services

Vaccinations a pharmacist may provide

Since 2011 pharmacists are designated in law to provide a seasonal influenza vaccination service in pharmacies and to supply and administer adrenaline (epinephrine) injections for the emergency treatment of anaphylactic shock that may arise from the administration of vaccines.

In 2015 the legislation was amended to permit pharmacists to supply and administer two additional vaccines, the pneumococcal polysaccharide and herpes zoster (shingles) vaccines. 

In October 2020, legislation was amended to permit appropriately trained pharmacists to supply and administer the influenza vaccine at any suitable and appropriate place (i.e. within or offsite from the retail pharmacy business premises) having regard to public convenience and the need to protect the health and safety of the public. This includes the influenza vaccine suspension for injection presented as a pre-filled syringe, and the influenza vaccine nasal spray, suspension.

Since December 2020, appropriately trained pharmacists may also supply and administer COVID-19 vaccines as part of the national COVID-19 vaccination programme. 

See information on the training requirements that pharmacists must complete before providing vaccinations.


All relevant legislation can be accessed on the Irish Statute book website and links are also available below:

PSI Vaccination Guidance 2022/2023

The PSI has guidance available to support pharmacists in providing safe vaccination services to the public in line with the legislation. The guidance sets out the legal and professional requirements which needs to be fulfilled and the general requirements applicable to the provision of a vaccination service in a pharmacy. In addition, the PSI has produced additional guidance specific to providing a vaccination service to children.

The HSE-PCRS has produced Operational Guidance for Vaccination in Community Pharmacy to support pharmacies in providing COVID-19 vaccines as part of the National Vaccination Programme.

Infection Prevention & Control and Vaccination Services

The way that vaccination services are provided may need to be adapted to ensure recommended public health measures are in place to help protect patients and staff, and minimise the risk of exposure to, and transmission of, COVID-19 infection.

This practical guidance was developed to support pharmacy owners, superintendent pharmacists and supervising pharmacists put in place policies and procedures for the continuation of safe and effective vaccination services while COVID-19 remains in our communities. It references infection prevention and control measures for healthcare settings.

In addition, all vaccination services carried out during COVID-19, must be provided in line with the PSI’s COVID-19 Operational Standards for Pharmacies.

Providing an influenza vaccination service offsite from the pharmacy premises

The purpose of this guidance is to support pharmacy owners, superintendent pharmacists and supervising pharmacists to plan and carry out a safe and effective offsite vaccination service.

Useful Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Influenza Vaccination Season

Frequently asked questions in relation to the influenza vaccination season are available on this website.

  • HSE National Immunisation Office (NIO)

The National Immunisation Office is responsible for managing vaccine procurement and distribution, developing training and communication materials for the public and health professionals. They have provided a number of useful resources.

  • HSeLand

You can access the updated training programme on the live attenuated quadrivalent influenza vaccine, and the new training programme to support people administering the non-live adjuvanted quadrivalent influenza vaccine and non-live quadrivalent influenza vaccine on

Further information on immunisation for the general public and healthcare professionals is available on the HSE immunisation website.

Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine