Evaluation of the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service

The PSI has carried out an evaluation of the seasonal influenza vaccination service provided in pharmacies each year since the service was commenced. This is to obtain feedback on the operation of the service, to ensure that the service is being operated safely and to identify any improvements that could be made.

Patient Feedback 2015

In November 2015, the PSI commissioned a project to gain comprehensive feedback from patients on their experience of receiving the seasonal influenza vaccination service in pharmacies across Ireland. 374 patient telephone interviews were conducted on the PSI’s behalf by market research company, Behaviour & Attitudes. Vaccinating pharmacists assisted with the formation of a patient sample by inviting patients, at the time of vaccination, to provide their contact details in order to partake in the survey interviews. Patient feedback was reported anonymously.

An overview of the survey findings are set out below. PSI

  • 84% of respondents said they had received the flu vaccination before. Overall, almost a third indicated it was their first time receiving the flu vaccine in a pharmacy.
  • 19 out of every 20 respondents said they were very satisfied with the amount of information received at the time of vaccination.
  • 99% said that they would be likely to go to the pharmacist for their flu vaccination again. Less than 1% of those surveyed suggested they would be unlikely to attend a pharmacy for this vaccination again.

satisfaction with flu vaccine service

  • Patient satisfaction with the pharmacy delivered flu vaccination service is high; 79% of respondents rated their overall satisfaction as 10 out of 10; 93% rated overall satisfaction as 9 or 10 out of 10; 99% of respondents rated their overall satisfaction as either 8, 9 or 10 out of 10.
  • Reasons for attending a pharmacy for the flu vaccination were convenience of access, efficiency (longer opening hours, no need for appointments etc), trust in pharmacist and cost. On a scale of 0 to 10, 74% of patients rated trust in the pharmacist as 9 or 10 (most important factor) for attending a pharmacy for the vaccination.
PAtient motivation to attend pharmacy for flu vaccine

Respondents were also asked their opinions on having other vaccines and services available from a community pharmacy. Specific examples were provided and there was generally positive response to the suggestion of expanding the range of health services and vaccinations provided by a pharmacist.

Read the report: Patient Feedback on the Flu Vaccination Service Provided in Pharmacies (2016)

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