Cancelling your Registration

Registrants who no longer wish to practice as a pharmacist or pharmaceutical assistant may voluntarily cancel their registration.

Reasons for voluntarily cancellation may include emigration, moving abroad, study leave, and retirement.

There is no fee for the processing of this application.

Cancellation of Registration Forms

If you do not wish to continue your registration, you should send a request to cancel your registration in writing by completing the cancellation form and returning it to the Registration and Qualification Recognition Unit, Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, PSI House, 15-19 Fenian Street, Dublin 2, D02 TD72. Alternatively, you can email a scanned, signed copy of your application.

Please find the relevant cancellation of registration forms below. Until further notice, please send your completed application and fee form by email to

Please contact the Registration unit by email or phone +353 (0)1 2184000 should you require any other changes to your registration.

Information on how to restore your registration