Certificates of Registration

Certificates of Registration are issued once applications for registration or continued registration, including fees, have been processed.

Supervising Pharmacists

The Certificate of Registration of the supervising pharmacist (as well as that of the registered retail pharmacy business) must be displayed at the registered premises at all times.


Certificates of Registration bear the photograph of the pharmacist or pharmaceutical assistant.  Registrants should note that the photograph supplied for continued registration are valid for a maximum of 10 years.  However, registrants may update their photograph within the 10-year validity period if they wish.

Return of Certificate on Cessation of Registration

It is advised that registrants cease their registration before the date of expiry of the certificate, their certificate should be returned to the PSI within 14 days of the cessation of registration.

Under law it is an offence to give the certificate to another person with the intention that it be used to give the impression it is theirs, or to allow another person to use this certificate in that way.

Procedure for the re-issue of Registration Certificates

(where the original has been lost, destroyed or stolen)

If a registrant believes that their certificate has been stolen, they must immediately notify An Garda Síochána (or the national police service where theft has occurred in another country) and the PSI.

You can apply for the re-issue of a registration certificate where the original has been lost, destroyed or stolen.

Please note that it may take up to two months to process and produce a substitute certificate of registration.

You can contact the Registration Unit by email or by phone (+353) (0)1 2184000 with any queries you may have.