Changes to Registration Details - Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Assistants

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants can make certain changes to their registration details using the online registration portal. Go to 'Your Profile'. 

  • Address (please note that the hard copy registration certificate will be sent to this address)
  • Contact telephone number (if you want to change the phone number held on your profile you can change that on your profile page in the portal. If you want to change the mobile number that the security code is texted to you will have to contact
  • Email address (if you do not have access to the email address associated with your login, you will need to contact
  • Photograph can be changed under ‘Update Profile Image’ (please note that the photograph must be in compliance with the listed standards)
  • Place(s) of work in the role as pharmacist or pharmaceutical assistant (please note that appointment to Superintendent or Supervising Pharmacist requires the pharmacy owner to submit an application on their account on the online registration portal)

If you wish to submit a name change application, this can be done under ‘Your Profile’, choose ‘Request Name Change’. You must submit relevant documentation to change your name, such as a marriage certificate.

Please contact the Registrant and Customer Relations Team by email or phone +353(0)1 2184000 if you require any other changes to your registration.