Continued Registration

Pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants must apply to the PSI on an annual basis for continued registration and pay an annual fee, in order to remain on the PSI’s Registers.

You can apply for your continued registration in the PSI online registration portal. The registration portal is available 24 hours a day and contains instructions and information videos to assist you with your registration. What you will need:

  1. Your login details for the registration portal (email and password)
  2. The mobile phone you provided when you first set up your account

Important Information

  • Pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants must obtain a Certificate of Registration, as set out under the Pharmacy Act 2007. You will receive the certificate in the post 4-6 weeks after submitting the application and payment for continued registration. You can also download a digital copy of your certificate in the registration portal.
  • Registrants will receive email notices only as a reminder for their registration renewal. Registrants should ensure that the email address registered with the PSI is one that you check regularly and to which you will always have access. Registrants can update their correspondence details in the online registration portal. Registrants can also see their continued registration reminders in the registration portal. You may need to check junk mail folders in case emails are misdirected.
  • You must apply for your continued registration at least 30 days before your current certificate expires or you will be required to pay a late fee.
  • A process of cancellation of registration (removal from the Register of the Pharmacists and the Register of Pharmaceutical Assistants) will commence for registrants who have failed to make the necessary application for continued registration.
  • If you experience any difficulties submitting your online application for continued registration, or with requesting new login details, please email the PSI at Please remember to quote your pharmacist registration number, or the registration number of the pharmacy, and also provide a phone number where you can be reached.

Continued Registration Fee

Payment online is by credit or debit card only. Please note that you can not make a payment over the phone. For further information please see PSI fees information.

Questions you can expect on the continued registration application form

Continuing Professional Development

There is a mandatory system of continuing professional development (CPD) for pharmacists in Ireland, and pharmacists must declare their CPD undertakings in order to be accepted for annual continued registration.

You can read information on CPD obligations for pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants  in the education section.

Clarification on Patient-facing Role

When applying for continued registration, pharmacists are asked the question, “Are you currently in a patient facing role?”. We seek this information from you to determine if you are eligible for selection for practice review, as part of the PSI’s CPD processes.

A patient-facing role includes any pharmacist providing care directly to a patient and/or any pharmacist whose work has a direct impact on patient care, irrespective of the number of hours of practice per week, month or year. Although not exhaustive, the following are examples of roles which are considered ‘patient-facing’:

  • Pharmacists working on a fulltime, occasional or casual basis in community pharmacy.
  • Hospital pharmacists working on a fulltime, occasional or casual basis.

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  • Examples of a patient-facing role

Guidance on Spent Convictions

On 29 April 2016, the Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions and Certain Disclosures) Act 2016 came into law. Under this Act, certain convictions do not have to be disclosed where these convictions are spent. This means that in certain circumstances you may not need to disclose a criminal conviction to us.

More information on spent convictions

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