First Time Registration

The PSI must ensure standards of all those entering practice within the country so they can deliver an informed, professional and safe service to the public. Considering both Irish and European Union legislation, the PSI must see that pharmacists have attained a particular standard or number of years of recognised academic education and training.

Routes of Registration and Registration Forms

There are different routes of registration depending on where your pharmacy qualification has been awarded. You will find information and application forms for each route below.

Irish Trained Pharmacists

Pharmacists who have successfully completed their education and training in Ireland, including the National Pharmacy Internship Programme.

EU Trained Pharmacists

Pharmacists who have successfully completed their education and training in a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) member State, and are nationals of a EU/EEA member state.

Non-EU/EEA Trained Pharmacists

Entry to practice for non-EU qualified pharmacists who have obtained a qualification as a pharmacist from a non-EU/EEA country, regardless of their nationality. These pharmacists must successfully complete all stages of the Third Country Qualification Recognition (TCQR) Process.

Registration and Brexit

Read the frequently asked questions on registration with the PSI post-Brexit. 

Language Requirements

To register with the PSI, applicants who have trained as a pharmacist outside of Ireland must prove that they have achieved a standard of competence in the English language.

Registration Fee

The fee for first-time registration of pharmacists is €540.

All pharmacists who wish to practise in Ireland must be registered in the Register of Pharmacists kept by the PSI.

The Registration and Qualification Recognition Unit of the PSI is responsible for processing all registration applications and endeavours to process all applications in a timely, efficient and transparent manner.