European Route of Qualification Recognition and Registration

Pharmacists are entitled under European Union (EU) free movement directives to make an application to register in Ireland with the PSI if they hold a pharmacist qualification from an EU or European Economic Area (EEA) member state and they are nationals of a EU/ EEA member state.

This route of registration is a two-step process. The first step is an application for recognition of your qualification. Once this is obtained, the second step is an application for registration. Both steps may be completed in the PSI online registration portal.

Alternatively, an application for qualification recognition may be made first using the European Professional Card (EPC) system. You can then make an application for registration by creating an account in the PSI online registration portal, using the EPC card as your evidence of qualification.

Option 1: Qualification Recognition directly with PSI

Applications are made in the PSI online registration portal. You can apply for qualification recognition under the EU route of registration by creating an account, by inputting your details and the necessary documents, and paying the registration fee directly and securely online. The portal contains instructions and information videos to assist you with your application.

You will need to upload copies of these documents to the registration portal as part of your application. We recommend you gather these documents before starting your online application.

  • Your birth certificate issued by country of birth (including original translation where appropriate)
  • Your passport or ID card (including original translation where appropriate)
  • Evidence of having been awarded a qualification appropriate for practice (for example, the certificate awarded to you by your University)
  • A completed Health Declaration form (signed by your medical practitioner).
  • Registration certificate(s) (if applicable)
  • Certification of language competence. Further information can be found under Language Competence requirements

We also require information from the regulator in the state where you qualified as a pharmacist. You must contact your regulator and request that they send the information directly to the PSI. The regulator must certify if your qualification complies with the requirements of the European Directive 2005/36/EC, and provide a certificate of professional status on your behalf (also known as a certificate of good standing). 

Please do not post documents unless specifically requested. The online registration process aims to reduce paper and postage waste. Contact our team if you have questions about the documents needed for your application.

You may be asked by the PSI to attend an application and review meeting before your registration can be confirmed. You will be invited to the meeting only when your application is considered complete.

Option 2: Qualification Recognition via the European Professional Card System

The European Professional Card (EPC) is an electronic procedure that EU residents can use to have their professional qualifications recognised in another EU country. When an EU resident is applying for registration in another EU state, their home state facilitates the verification of the applicant’s Internal Market Information or IMI file and the prospective host state (in Ireland, this is the PSI) makes the decision on whether to recognise the qualification held by the applicant. It is very important to note that the recognition of a qualification does not give an automatic entitlement to practise in Ireland. All pharmacists must be registered before being entitled to practise. You will need to apply for registration with the PSI once qualification recognition is obtained through this route. You can find more information on the EPC system and how to apply on the Europa website.

Language Competence

Assessment of language competence is required as part of your application for qualification recognition and before you can apply for registration. Applicants must prove that they have achieved a standard of competence in the English language by complying with one of the three criteria recognised by the PSI Council as being satisfactory to assure language competence.

Additional Information

  • The requirements for qualification recognition and registration with the PSI are established in legislation
  • Registration fees for first time registration
  • You can contact a member of the Registrant and Customer Relations Team  by email or by phone +353 (0)1 2184000 if you have any questions