Equivalence Examination 

Stage 2 of the “Recognition of a Third Country qualification as a qualification appropriate for practice in Ireland" (TCQR process)

Applicants who have successfully completed Stage 1 of the TCQR process are eligible to apply to sit an Equivalence Exam. Applicants must first be in receipt of a Confirmation of Eligibility letter from the PSI to be eligible to apply to sit the exam.

The Equivalence Exam includes an exam and OSCE assessment designed to assist the Council in assessing the standard of training, education, examination and qualification of applicants so as to determine whether an applicant holds a qualification which is of a standard not lower than the standard necessary for practice in Ireland.

There are two scheduled sittings of the Equivalence Exam in each calendar year. Information on the 2020 dates will be available in due course.

Preparing for the equivalence examination

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