Tutor Pharmacists for Third Country Qualification Recognition Applicants

Pharmacists who have obtained their qualification as a pharmacist from a non-EU/EEA must apply to have their qualification recognised by the PSI before the they are eligible to apply for registration. As part of this process, some applicants may be required to undertake a adaptation period placement under the supervision of a tutor pharmacist. An adaptation period may have a duration of 6 months to three years.

Tutor pharmacists are required to support and assess the TCQR applicants against the PSI’s Core Competency Framework throughout the adaptation period. Upon the successful completion of a placement, TCQR applicants are then required to pass a Professional Registration Examination. Before the TCQR applicants begin their adaptation placement the tutor pharmacist and training establishment must be approved by the PSI.

Pharmacists wishing to act as tutors to TCQR applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • Currently working at least three full days per week in either a community or hospital pharmacy, agree to personally oversee a minimum of three full days per week and undertake to ensure that the applicant’s training is appropriately supervised at all times for the full duration of the placement.
  • Have practised as a pharmacist for a minimum of three years with a minimum one years’ experience in a hospital or community pharmacy.
  • Agree to directly supervise the TCQR applicant during their adaptation placement at the training establishment, and ensure that the applicant is your sole pupil for the purposes of the adaptation placement
  • Confirm that the applicant is not connected with the training establishment and/or with you, as the tutor pharmacist

Acting as a tutor pharmacist may contribute to a pharmacist’s continuing professional development (CPD) and can be documented as a CPD cycle.

Please contact the PSI by email or phone (+353) (0)1 2184000 with any queries you may have.