Irish Institute of Pharmacy

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP), established by the PSI in 2013, is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of a system of continuing professional development (CPD) for pharmacists in Ireland. The IIOP is responsible for ensuring that these developments meet the emerging needs of patients and the wider healthcare system. It oversees the management and support mechanisms for CPD, and accredits and commissions education and training programmes in line with national policy, evolving healthcare needs and the needs of the profession. The IIOP also progresses the development of pharmacy practice in line with international best practice and ensures that it continues to maintain and build upon its position at the forefront of healthcare delivery. The IIOP is funded by the Department of Health and the PSI.

Crowe Howarth Review

In January 2017, the PSI commissioned a review of current outsourcing arrangements with respect to the IIOP. The review was carried out independently by Crowe Howarth. The purpose of the review was to review the operation of the IIOP since its commencement in August 2013, to inform, and to inform the ongoing development of the CPD model. The review examined, evaluated and assessed the governance, operational, functional, contractual, management and delivery arrangements in place in respect of the IIOP outsourced service arrangement, and considered the experience in the context of quality, efficacy and value-for-money.

The key elements of the review comprised:

  • Stakeholder consultation with a wide range of key stakeholders, including the PSI, the IIOP, the IIOP Steering Group, RCSI, the Department of Health, training providers, pharmacists, and others.
  • Review of key documentation relating to the establishment and functioning of the IIOP.
  • Functional analysis of the operation of the model of CPD.
  • Consideration of the financial model in terms of sustainability and value for money.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the IIOP, using a “logic model” structure.

IIOP 2018 - 2023

The recommendations of the Crowe Howarth report contributed to the development of the current outsourcing arrangements of the IIOP with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). These arrangements are in place since May 2018.

The current contract agreement with the RCSI  places the IIOP in the lead role with respect to the development and implementation of the CPD system for pharmacists and the development of pharmacy practice, in line with international best practice and evolving healthcare needs.

As part of the governance arrangements under the current contract with the RCSI, a new Advisory Group will oversee the work of the IIOP. This Advisory Group will be appointed by the RCSI. The PSI will continue to advise and support the IIOP in its role.

Outline Governance Structure for the IIOP

Outline governance structure for the IIOP

Future Vision of the IIOP

As part of the PSI’s Service Plan for 2018, the Council of the PSI has commenced a strategic review of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy in line with the strategic objective to promote professionalism and quality in pharmacy. This review commits to engaging with stakeholders in determining the future of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy to ensure that its longer-term mission is clear and that its structure, governance and financing is on a secure and stable footing.