ePortfolio Review Process

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2015 (SI No 553 of 2015) came into effect on 1 January 2016.  This legislation underpins the PSIs CPD process and the CPD obligations placed on pharmacists, including the requirement to maintain a record of CPD in an ePortfolio and participate in ePortfolio Review.

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy (IIOP) carries out the ePortfolio Review process, which starts with the PSI selecting the names of pharmacists from the Register of Pharmacists each year. These pharmacists are asked to submit an extract from their ePortfolio to the IIOP for review. Pharmacists are called once in every five years to submit this extract.

Once notified, selected pharmacists can then expect to receive communication directly from the IIOP. Pharmacists must ensure they have registered their correct contact email address with the IIOP. The IIOP will advise pharmacists on how they can submit their extracts, what type of extracts are sought for the review and when the submission should be made. The IIOP will also advise on the supports and tools that are available to pharmacists to assist in their submission.

Further information and supports about CPD and the ePortfolio system are available from the IIOP website.  Please also refer to the FAQ section on this website.

ePortfolio Review Process 2021/2022

CPD during the COVID-19 public health emergency

We appreciate that this is a challenging and unprecedented time for pharmacists and time may be more limited during the pandemic. It is still expected, and important, that pharmacists maintain their CPD and keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date, particularly in a time where pharmacists may need to quickly update their knowledge. Pharmacists are encouraged to continue to record their professional development and learning activities. All actions taken in responding to patient and public needs during the pandemic may be documented in the pharmacist's ePortfolio.

The next ePortfolio Review will take place in January 2021 and information on this will be communicated to selected pharmacists over the summer.

Extenuating Circumstances Process

Pharmacists, who have been selected for ePortfolio review and feel that they have reason to be exempt should review the extenuating circumstances policy. Applications will be managed on a case by case basis in strictest confidence and should be submitted in writing either by post or by email to cpd@psi.ie. Application forms are available on request from the PSI.

You will find more useful information on the ePortfolio system in our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.