Five-Year Fully Integrated Master's Degree Programme in Pharmacy

Since September 2015, the five-year pharmacist qualification is a PSI-accredited five-year fully integrated Master’s degree programme in pharmacy. On successful completion of the five-year programme, graduates will then be eligible to apply to the PSI for registration.

This new programme, involves the integration and dispersal of pratice placements for students throughout the five years (rather than solely during the final year).  The restructured qualification enables placements of varying durations in the three main areas of pharmacy practice, in community, hospital and industry. This includes placements in community and hospital pharmacies during second, fourth and fifth year and placements in industry and other practice areas (health service, regulatory etc.) in the fourth Year. These changes will benefit both the student learning experience and contribute to improved outcomes in the health system. View the placement structure of this five year programme.  

Placements for the five-year programme are managed by APPEL (Affiliation for Pharmacy Practice Experiential Learning), which was established by the three Schools of Pharmacy in Ireland to manage and centralise the learning placements for students from each of the schools. APPEL also offers placement providers a single point of contact, training and support, and they are keen to hear from all pharmacists interested in providing a student placement, no matter the area of pharmacy practice. For further information contact APPEL,

This new programme has replaced the current '4+1' structure that consists of a 4-year Bachelor degree programme followed by a one-year internship programmeStudents already undertaking the ‘4+1’ structure will not be affected by this change.