Central Application and Selection Process (CAASP)

The Central Application and Selection Process (CAASP) is the system through which students are matched to suitable placements for their intern year, as part of the National Pharmacy Internship Programme (NPIP). This system ensures that there is a coherent and structured process in place for the sourcing of internship placements for both student and training establishments.

The process requires students and training establishments to register their details online, where they can then submit and review CVs and indicate their preferences. The CAASP system then matches students with training establishments in accordance with the preferences of each party.  Face to face interviews will also be conducted. All placement arrangements must be processed through the CAASP system.

All training placements under the internship programme remain subject to the approval of the PSI in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Education and Training) Rules 2008 (S.I. No. 493 of 2008). Training establishments should be satisfied that it complies with the PSI requirements to be met in order to be eligible to act as a tutor pharmacist and a training establishment.