Training Establishments

For the National Pharmacy Internship Programme, an intern is required to complete a twelve month training placement in Ireland and this can be undertaken in the training establishments listed below.

Please note: In the new Master’s degree programme students now undertake practice placements throughout the five years of this new programme (in the 2nd, 4th and 5th years). For more details contact APPEL at

12 months in community pharmacy, or;
12 months in hospital pharmacy, or;
6 months in community or hospital pharmacy and 6 months in a training establishment engaged in specific activities (see Rule 17(1) of the PSI’s (Education and Training) Rules 2008), or;
6 months in community pharmacy and 6 months in hospital pharmacy.

Eligibility criteria for recognition of a training establishment by the PSI

In order for a training establishment to be recognised, the training establishment must:

For a training establishment that is neither a registered retail pharmacy business nor the pharmacy department of a hospital, PSI approval should be sought by submitting a formal application for consideration by the Professional Development and Learning Committee. Please contact for more details.