The PSI inspects pharmacies to assess compliance with pharmacy and medicines legislation and PSI guidance. It is the PSI's responsibility to assure a high standard of compliance in pharmacies to maintain public health, safety and confidence in pharmacy care and services.

Types of Inspections carried out by the PSI

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  • New pharmacy openings

  • Routine pharmacy inspections

The PSI also carries out themed inspections from time to time. For example, during late 2017 and early 2018 Authorised Officers conducted inspections to assess specific aspects of a pharmacy’s provision of the seasonal influenza vaccination. These inspections are announced in advance. Appropriately trained pharmacists have been authorised to supply and administer the seasonal influenza vaccine since October 2011. Current guidance on the provision of vaccination services provided in retail pharmacy business is available on this website.

We also carry out mystery shopper exercises to assist with its risk-based approach to inspection and enforcement. A test purchase exercise for domperidone medicines was most recently carried out in order to check that pharmacies are aware of the patient safety issues with these products.

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Inspection findings

PSI Authorised Officers (Inspectors)

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