What happens after an inspection?

Inspection Report

The inspection process is designed to help pharmacists and pharmacy owners address their practice standards and compliance with medicines and pharmacy legislation. Inspection reports are not currently published by the PSI, but each year we highlight the main findings and statistics from inspections.

Following all pharmacy inspections, a report is prepared by the PSI inspector. The report is sent to the superintendent pharmacist who is invited to provide their comments on the report.

The report outlines the observations made by the inspector at the inspection, and also includes reference to medicines and pharmacy legislation and PSI guidance. The report will also include a number of required actions or findings, which will need to be addressed in the pharmacy to ensure the pharmacy’s compliance.

Responding to an Inspection Report

In general, three weeks is provided for the superintendent pharmacist to respond to the matters outlined in the report. This response should outline the actions that have been taken to resolve the issues identified, and to ensure the pharmacy’s ongoing compliance.

For routine inspections, once all matters outlined in the inspection report have been addressed appropriately and completely by the pharmacy, the inspection process is considered complete. The superintendent pharmacist will receive a letter stating that the inspection file is closed.

It is within the PSI's power to take action if necessary in response to matters of concern found during an inspection or investigation, and you can read more about the PSI's enforcement role.