Cancelling your Registration

If a pharmacy owner is closing a pharmacy, they must apply to the PSI to cancel the registration of the pharmacy. The PSI provides a form for the purposes of applying to cancel the registration of a pharmacy.

This application must set out the arrangements made, or to be made, in respect of:

  • the disposal of any medicines held at that pharmacy, and 
  • the records of the dispensing or supply of medicines, having regard to the reasonable needs of patients to continue to have access to such records.

The cancellation of the registration of a pharmacy will not be approved until the PSI is satisfied that these requirements have been complied with and this may involve an inspection by the PSI of the pharmacy.

The PSI has issued a Guide to Cancelling your Pharmacy Registration. Please read and complete the application form in full. It is important that the appropriate procedures are followed in closing a pharmacy, in the interests of patients and the public. The PSI will be happy to advise and assist pharmacy owners and superintendent pharmacists to ensure all appropriate steps are taken. The form to request the cancellation of a current retail pharmacy business registration is attached as an appendix to the guidelines and can be downloaded from the above link.

You can contact the RPB section of the Registration unit via email or by phone +353 (0)1 2184000 should you require any clarification in relation to this process.

Restoring Your Registration

An application may be made to the PSI to restore the registration of a retail pharmacy business which has previously been cancelled. This process is similar to that for continued registration and must also set out any changes that have taken place with respect to the pharmacy. Queries regarding the restoration of the registration of a pharmacy should be sent to