Changes to Registration Details

Certain changes to a pharmacy’s registration details can be made online using the Registrant Login section of the website. These include: 

  • Changes to pharmacy contact details (phone, fax, email address) 
  • Changes to staff (other than Superintendent/Supervising Pharmacist) 
  • Changes to pharmacy opening hours 
  • Changes to services provided

The following changes to registration details must be notified to the PSI:

Changes of superintendent or supervising pharmacist

Details can be found on our Superintendent and Supervising Pharmacist page.

Change of Trading Name

As the Register of Retail Pharmacy Businesses is published on line and is searchable by members of the public, it is important that the registered trading name of a pharmacy is accurately reflected in the pharmacy signage so that the pharmacy is easily identifiable to the public.  All documentation such as pharmacy labels, prescription receipts, daily audits etc must also accurately reflect the registered trading name.

If you wish to change the trading name of a pharmacy, please complete a Material Change Trading Name Form.

Change to Pharmacy Layout

If you wish to make a significant change to the floor plan or layout of a pharmacy premises, please complete a Material Change of Pharmacy Layout Form.

Permanent Relocation of a Pharmacy

If a pharmacy is relocating to a new premises, the registration of the existing pharmacy will be cancelled and the owner must apply for registration of the new premises as a new opening under the process outlined in First-Time Registration.

Temporary Relocations

Where a pharmacy owner wishes to relocate temporarily, for a maximum period of one year, to allow for the renovation or refurbishment of its registered premises, a relocation fee of €950 will be charged. This fee covers both the move to the temporary premises and the move back to the refurbished premises, provided the relocation is for a period less than twelve months. As the existing registration of the pharmacy is not affected by a temporary relocation, the continued registration fee of €2135.00 remains payable when it becomes due.

If the business does not move back to the original premises within 12 months, the retail business may then become classified as a new pharmacy and, as such, be required to submit a new application for registration which would also involve the payment of a first registration fee of €3325.00. 

Contact Us

If you have a query concerning any changes to the registration of your pharmacy, you can contact the RPB section of the Registration Unit by e-mail or by phone +353 (0)1 2184000.