Corporate Strategy

This Corporate Strategy 2021-2024 consists of four elements - a central organisational goal and three strategic objectives.

Corporate Strategy 2021-2024

Our Strategic Goal remains to assure public trust in pharmacy through effective regulation. We plan to advance achievement of this Goal through actions under three strategic objectives.

Strategic Objective 1: Advancing the Role of Pharmacy and Pharmacists in the Future Integrated Healthcare System

Strategic Objective 2: Evolving a More Effective Regulatory Model for Community5 Pharmacies

Strategic Objective 3: Building our Capability and Performance as a Regulatory Organisation

You can read more in the Corporate Strategy document.

Extension of the period covered by the current Corporate Strategy

The strategy originally covered the period 2021-2023.  At its 2 March 2023 meeting, the PSI Council agreed to extend the period of this strategy on the basis that the strategic objectives and development agenda are ambitious and provide enough strategic direction for an additional year, and acknowledges the impact that COVID-19 had on implementing the objectives within the original timeframe.

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