COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Information for the Public

COVID-19 is no longer a global public health emergency, but it is important to have access to trusted information about COVID-19 vaccines, managing COVID-19 symptoms, and to understand how you can protect yourself and others from the spread of the virus.   


Public Health Information 

The HSE website has a lot of useful information, including: 

  • Information on COVID-19 vaccines and how to get a vaccine or booster dose. 
  • When to stay at home to avoid passing the virus on to other people. 
  • How to recognise and manage COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • Information for people who are at higher risk of serious illness if they catch COVID-19. 


Community Pharmacies who provide a COVID-19 vaccine service 

You can also find a list of pharmacies where you can get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster dose on the HSE website. You may need to book an appointment in advance.