Information about our Public Registers

Under the Pharmacy Act 2007, the PSI maintains registers of pharmacists, retail pharmacy businesses (pharmacies), internet supply list registrants and pharmaceutical assistants. These registers are available to the public online.


The public registers are ‘live’ and are updated on a continuous basis as any changes take place and the PSI ensures that the information on the public registers is accurate and up to date.  

Please contact the PSI at if you have difficulties using the public registers or if you require verification of the information published. 

Registrants including pharmacists, pharmacy owners, internet supply list registrants or pharmaceutical assistants are obliged to notify the PSI of any changes in their registration details which need to be updated on the registers. Registrants can make certain changes to their registration details using the registrant login section of the website. 

The PSI does not and is not permitted under the Act to publish the home addresses or contact details of registrants on the public registers, in the interests of the security and privacy of those individuals.  

The PSI, in accordance with its registration with the Data Protection Commissioner, discloses information held by it such as contact details of pharmacists or pharmacies for the following main purposes: 

  • where disclosure is necessary in the interests of protecting public health and welfare 
  • where disclosure is necessary for the purposes of professional education and development 

EU citizens who are established to practise as a pharmacist in another EU member state may practise as a pharmacist in Ireland on a temporary and occasional basis, without having to have their name entered in the Register of Pharmacists established under Section 13 (1) (a) (i). However, the applicant must have his/her name entered in Part B “Visiting Pharmacists from Relevant EEA State” established under Section 24B of the Pharmacy Act. Pharmacists should apply at least the one month in advance of providing a service and his/her name must be entered in Part B before providing service. 

View more information on the temporary and occasional service provision.

The PSI's Public Online Register Search Facility

By using the online search facility, you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of our public online register.

Use of the PSI online registration portal and Public Registers is subject to these Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to read these carefully.

Registration Portal

By accessing, using or viewing a PSI registration portal account, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions of use. 

A "User" of the PSI online registration portal is defined as a current PSI registered pharmacist, pharmaceutical assistant or pharmacy, or someone who wishes to apply for registration with the PSI. In the case of community pharmacies, the business owner or company secretary will be considered the user. For a hospital pharmacy it will be person with the requisite authority to act on behalf of the hospital. 

The PSI online registration portal may be used by registered pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants or authorised pharmacy personnel (i.e. company secretary), or by new applicants who are looking to apply for registration. 

Users who are registered with the PSI will (or may have already) receive notification by email of their password; this password is required to activate their PSI online registration account. When using the service for the first time, a user will be required to change this password. Users not previously registered with the PSI can create their own account by following the steps as prompted on the portal. 

Users should not disclose their password to another person or party. Each User is responsible for ensuring that access through their personal account or pharmacy/company's account is conducted only by the authorised person. 

Users can make minor changes to profile and demographic information. Material changes may require the submission of an application through the portal, which will require approval by the PSI. Once approved, the changes will appear on the user’s profile and on the public register, where appropriate. 

Where information received from a user regarding their registration record or account details appears to be incorrect or inappropriate, further clarification or confirmation may be required. In such instances, a PSI staff member will contact the relevant user as soon as possible. 

The PSI will not be held responsible for errors in the accuracy, veracity or completeness of the information entered by users through this facility. 


Public Registers

The PSI is responsible for the registration of pharmacy professionals and pharmacies and keeps Registers of all currently registered pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants and pharmacies in Ireland.  

Searchable public Registers are available on this website. The registers are updated daily and give the registered details on that day based on the latest information available to the PSI. The registers should allow employers and members of the public to check details and locations and confirm the bona fides of people claiming to be pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants. 

The Registers are published in accordance with the legal requirements of the Pharmacy Act 2007, which is specific about the requirement to make available free public registers.

As a data controller, the PSI is committed to protecting the security of personal data that we hold, in compliance with Data Protection laws. The PSI's Data Protection Statement outlines the PSI's use of information gathered to fulfil our statutory responsibilities. 

Print-outs or copies in any form of registration details from this website cannot be used as confirmation of certificates of registration. Copyright of these Registers will continue to rest with the PSI. 

This information is updated daily and is correct at the time of publishing. While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of these Registers, no liability is accepted for error or omission. 

Further information on the re-use of Public Sector Information can be found under the Terms of Use of this website. For any enquiries regarding the re-use of Public Sector Information, please contact

Search the Online Public Registers

Download a copy of the Register of Pharmacies. Please note that this list is a snapshot of the register taken on the date shown. This list will be updated monthly, but we make changes to the register on a daily basis.

Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Assistants

There are different ways to search for pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants:

  • Registration number (exact number)
  • Surname
  • Surname and/or forename
  • Town/area, County, Dublin Postcode or Country
  • A combination of these

The search will work on part names, and you can initiate a search based on your best guess of a person's details. The search is not case sensitive, so entering "j" for forename and "kin" for surname could return, among others, "John Kinsella," "Joan Kingston" and "Jennifer Parkinson" as possible results. The more information you can supply, the more accurate the results will be.

Retail Pharmacy Business

There are different ways to search for pharmacies:

  • Registration number
  • Pharmacy name
  • Town/area
  • County or Dublin Postcode
  • Registration number
  • Pharmacy name/Internet Supplier name
  • Town/area
  • County or Dublin Postcode

The search will accept part words for name or town/area and it is not case sensitive. The search is designed to be as broad as possible and will provide results from any part of the criteria supplied.

The search in the online registers will return a maximum of ten results per page. The next ten results can be viewed by using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the results table.

Internet Supply List

There are different ways to search for registrants on the Internet Supply List:

The search will accept part words for name or town/area and it is not case sensitive. The search is designed to be as broad as possible and will provide results from any part of the criteria supplied.

The search in the online registers will return a maximum of ten results per page. The next ten results can be viewed by using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the results table.

The absence of the name you are searching for on the online registers does not necessarily mean that the pharmacist, pharmaceutical assistant, pharmacy or registrant on the internet supply list is not registered. Some people or pharmacies may be registered under a different name.

If you are unable to find the information you require and wish the PSI to check for you, please contact us and give as much information as possible:
Registration Unit
The Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland
PSI House,
Fenian Street,
Dublin 2,
Phone: 01-218 4000

Each month the PSI publishes open datasets in CSV and PDF format. These are made available on the PSI website  and through, so that the data is available and easily accessible online for reuse and redistribution.

If you have any concerns as to the accuracy of any information you find here please contact us at