PSI Newsletter 2023

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PSI Newsletter: Issue 1, 2023

Read the updates and insights in the PSI Newsletter: Issue 1, 2023

  • Notice of pharmacist candidates for Council election
  • Pharmacist involvement in vaccination programmes
  • Workforce project update
  • Participation in HEA Advisory Panel
  • Learning from a PSI Inquiry
  • Patient consultation areas - compliance reminder
  • Codeine guidelines reminder
  • Empowering all pharmacists to deliver antimicrobial stewardship
  • Core Competency Framework update
  • Fitness to Practise outcomes
  • Updates to vaccination and emergency medicines training information
  • NIO training module approved for Comirnaty 3 mcg/dose
  • PSI online services - reducing paper/digital first approach
  • Benzodiazepine and Z-Drug resources
  • Recap of recent emails from PSI to registrants

PSI Newsletter: Issue 2, 2023

Read the updates and insights in the PSI Newsletter: Issue 2, 2023

  • PSI governance updates: appointments to the PSI Council, PSI meeting with the Minister for Health
  • Publication of reform of Pharmacy Act position paper
  • Update on Emerging Risks to Future Pharmacy Workforce project and report approval
  • PSI welcomes HEA report on building capacity in higher education for pharmacy programmes
  • Learning from a PSI inquiry
  • Fitness to Practise outcomes
  • Approval of CPD model for pharmaceutical assistants
  • Valproate (Epilim▼) materials for patients
  • Medication errors when labelling products
  • COVID-19 Immunisation Programme Update
  • Steps to take for change of supervising pharmacist
  • Update on bank details for registration payments
  • Internet Supply List moving online
  • Our Annual Report 2022 and Corporate Strategy extension
  • Core Competency Framework for Pharmacists
  • PSI events survey- have your say
  • Recruitment: Disciplinary Committee membership and career opportunities with PSI
  • Making a Protected Disclosure

PSI Newsletter: Issue 3, 2023

Read the updates and insights in the PSI Newsletter: Issue 3, 2023

  • Launch of the Workforce Intelligence Report
  • Department of Health Expert Taskforce to support the expansion of the role of pharmacists
  • Findings of specialist surveyor exercise on codeine products
  • Vaccination Guidance 2023/2024
  • COVID-19 and Seasonal Influenza vaccination information
  • Fitness to Practise and Mediation Outcomes
  • Single Use Plastics – Advice for Pharmacy Owners and Pharmacy Purchasing
  • Safe sales of paracetamol - new information campaign
  • Antimicrobial Resistance - useful resources
  • Development of PSI’s ICT Strategy 2024-2027 - Survey
  • Information on applications and renewal for Internet Supply List
  • Recruitment: Vacancy for a Strategic Policy and Research Coordinator

PSI Newsletter: Issue 4, 2023

Read the updates and insights in the PSI Newsletter: Issue 4, 2023

  • End of Year Message from the Registrar
  • Update on the Expert Taskforce to Support the Expansion of  Pharmacist Roles
  • PSI Pharmacist Workforce Survey 2023
  • Extension of the Children’s Flu Vaccination Programme 2023/24
  • Approval of the HSE’s National Immunisation Office training in respect of Nuvaxovid XBB.1.5 vaccine
  • ePortfolio Review 2023/2024 Reminder
  • Antimicrobial Resistance-Resources and Training for Pharmacists 
  • Repackaging of Solpadeine Soluble Tablets™ (60 pack) for Sale to Patients and the Public
  • Inspection Insights from 2023
  • Findings from Investigations in 2023
  • Inspections Focused on Vaccination Services
  • Ireland's first World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative assessment report
  • Fitness to Practise and Mediation Outcomes