The PSI ensures that pharmacists and pharmacies comply with legal and professional standards to protect the health and safety of the public. Our enforcement activities include routine inspections, investigations and taking the necessary actions to maintain the highest standards of pharmacy practice.

Enforcement by the PSI 

The PSI protects the health and safety of the public by carrying out inspections and investigations of pharmacies. Occasionally, significant matters are identified during an inspection or investigation. Investigation reports are considered by the PSI Council and/or the Registrar and Chief Officer.

Role of the PSI Registrar and Chief Officer 

The Registrar and Chief Officer is delegated responsibility by the PSI Council to consider inspection reports. The pharmacist or pharmacy will be provided with a copy of the report and will have the opportunity to respond and show evidence that they have addressed the issues highlighted in the report.

Registrar and Chief Officer’s decision making process 

The Registrar and Chief Officer will then consider the report, the response from the pharmacist/pharmacy, along with all the evidence and may take the following actions: 

  • No further action 
  • Make a complaint about a pharmacist(s) and/or a pharmacy 
  • Take a prosecution in the District or Circuit Court 
  • Take any other action deemed appropriate