Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective from 25 May 2018 enhances the rights of individuals regarding the protection of their personal data and places greater responsibilities on organisations/businesses in terms of how they handle personal data.

The PSI previously made available Guidance on Data Protection for Pharmacists, but this is no longer relevant under national legislation and GDPR and it has been removed from our website. The guidance should also be removed from the Pharmacy Practice Guidance folder in pharmacies.  

Role of the Data Protection Commission 

The Data Protection Commission is responsible for safeguarding the rights of individuals as outlined in the legislation. If you have any queries about GDPR, you should refer to the resources available on the Data Protection Commission’s website, on GDPRandYou, or contact the office of the Data Protection Commission. The PSI does not provide advice to others about data protection. 

Importance of transparency and confidentiality 

Given the sensitive nature of health-related information, it is crucial that healthcare professionals and providers are transparent about their use of personal data and how they maintain the confidentiality of patients’ information.   

Responsibility of pharmacies 

Each pharmacy is responsible for evaluating the data it possesses, and for determining the necessary steps to comply with data protection principles in the delivery of care and in conducting business.